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About This Course

It is important for you to understand, what makes SKIL’s internship project support program unique and the best choice to accelerate your career growth? 

Accelerate your career by following steps

Preparation to attend the program

    1.Login to

    2.Register as a user.

    3.Gain access to 30+ self learning videos.

    4.Preparatory work - Watch videos, take quizzes.

Get your project statement / area defined

    Follow up with the company (where you are planning to do your internship project) get to know about your project - problem and goal statement, deliverables. Identify project sponsors, mentors and other stakeholders as applicable to your project.

Define the problem - case study

    Management tools - CTQ flow, Kano model, SWOT analysis, 3W1E, Prioritization matrices, SIPOC, Pareto diagram, Project charter. Statistical tool usage - Minitab or Sigma Excel.

Measure the current state - case study

    Management tools - Basic statistics, Pareto analysis, Histogram, Box and whisker, Fishbone diagram, C and E matrix, SIIPOOC, Flow charts, CSVSM, Sampling plans, check sheet, IMR control chart. Statistical tool - Minitab or Sigma Excel.

Analyze and recommend solutions - case study

    Management tools - Kano analysis, Five why analysis, Fault Tree analysis, Correlation analysis, Regression analysis, Takt time, Line balance and flow, Standard work, FMEA, SWOT, Pareto analysis, Kaizen program. Statistical tool - Minitab or Sigma Excel.

  • How do I ensure I am learning what matters most? : Each topic is covered using
  • (a) Key description

    (b) Expert tip

    (c) Do’s and Don’ts

    (d) Steps to apply the tool

    (e) Application example

    (f) Quiz – Conceptual and application oriented

    (g) Easy to use work aid/template

    (h) Suggested further learning.

  • How do I apply the tools without knowledge of other applications such as Minitab etc? : Our experts have designed ‘ready to use template’ to aid each topic, which needs special application oriented attention.  These templates are also aided with ‘user guide’ with explanation on how to put the template to use in the learning video itself.
  • areas of impact, you will

    1. Exceed expectations.
    2. Get on A team.
    3. Prepare for next level.
    4. Simplify your day to day work and help others as well.
    5. Build relationships with key people who lead key initiatives.
    6. Learn and lead the big picture.
    7. Gain recognition.
    8. Become most eligible for promotions, high appraisals and bigger job responsibilities.  

    World class certifications will be given to you from on successful completion of the course.

    1. Certified Porblem solver.



    1. Candidate must have a minimum of 15 years of education.
    2. Candidate must have a minimum of 3 years of work experience.
    3. Candidate must take quizzes in all the topics, and pass the final web-based LSSBB certification exam. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does this Program works?

    SKIL Global Problem solving tools in is offered in online form. This is not a Group training. Each participant is trained individually as per his convinience and learning speed. As you Enrol for the course.

    What is the duration of the course?

    It will be 4 week course using videos, templates and quizzes

    When can I join the course?

    We run the Program as per schedule.

    What if I had to take a break in between?

    This program is very intense and requires uninterrupted learning. But we understand due to work pressure and other priorities sometimes participants cannot follow the course. The course has to be completed with 12 months of enrollment.

    Where to get additional Details?

    Please write to us providing your details (E-mail, Phone Number) Contact Us and we will be happy to call you and provide details. For further reference you can also visit link SKIL Global

    1. Course Number

    2. Classes Start

      Jan 01, 2020
    3. Classes End

      Dec 31, 2020
    4. Estimated Effort

    5. Price