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About LearnCROW

LearnCrow is an e-learning platform providing best in class learning content to develop skills in improving efficiency, productivity and timeliness in business operations. LearnCrow aims to build and connect professionals and help them master problem solving skills, produce breakthrough improvements in their work area and accelerate their career growth.


To become a ‘world’s leading digital learning platform” in the area of Operational Excellence and Business Operations Problem Solving. Become career partner to professionals to enhance their career growth by providing the methodologies of Efficiency Innovation.


1.  Cover 22+ industry verticals and create 2000 courses in the area of Efficiency, Timeliness, Productivity & Problem Solving.

2.  Build a subscriber base of 10000 professionals and become a partner in enhancing their career growth.


We are experts in operations excellence aligned with - Quality, Efficiency and Timeliness. We have facilitated 530 continuous improvement projects, across 22 Business verticals.  Our consulting experience of 16000 hours spread across a decade of work, is a fine blend of problem solving and professional coaching work.

WHY LearnCrow?

It is natural question, why one more e-learning website when so many websites are available providing free content? It is a question we also asked our self. And the answer we found is, there is no single e-learning platform in the area of operational excellence and problem solving which combines the industry relevant expertise and the best methodologies. With our combined experience in consulting and training we believe that we can bridge this gap. Professionals today need, not just certifications but helping hand to grow in career.


By keeping our focus only on Business Operations Excellence and help you build expertise in Efficiency, Timeliness, Productivity and Problem Solving. Our unique combination of problem solving and coaching helps us create courses, tools, templates and certifications that help professionals to accelerate their career. We want professionals to look beyond the certifications, as we know, real problems in the business cannot be solved by holding certificates. Deep knowledge and knowhow of applying problem solving concepts is required to address industry challenges and produce breakthrough improvements. Our aim is to partner you in bringing these improvements in your work area.  Our programs are designed to empower you with the right knowledge to accelerate your career growth.

With our programs you can
  • Do self-assessment and assess knowledge gaps.
  • Chose specific topics relevant to your work area.
  • Chose specific goals relevant to your work area.
  • Learn how to achieve those goals with a case study.
  • Apply the learning aided by
    • Ready to use templates.
    • Expert one-on-one support – Email / Web-ex / Call

We strive to constantly add more industry verticals and live problems based on our consulting experts experience. Our programs are designed to help you accomplish one or more of the following in your company

  • Attention
  • Recognition
  • Appreciation
  • Better compensation
  • Respect
  • Job security
  • Promotion and growth opportunities
  • Sense of achievement


  • To accelerate careers
  • To create leaders
  • To approach problem solving in methodical way

@About LearnCrow: Brainchild of SKIL Global, and part of Carea India Pvt Ltd.